Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tea Party and Muslim Brotherhood--More in Common

  1. Both have extreme views and both are on the right.
  2. Both pack heat
  3. Both referred to as “Crazies” by the media
  4. The political elites want to keep them out of government
  5. They are very loud, obnoxious and stubborn.
  6. Both think they are subject of some conspiracy
  7. They love to lament the good old days and the glory days
  8. Both hate taxation and love charities.
  9. Both call for an originalist interpretation of old texts.
  10. No central leadership in sight
  11. Tea party choose the yellow Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flag, where there is a snake, what most critics call Muslim brotherhoods.
  12. They scare the heck out of minorities
  13. Supporters tend to be male, married and older than 45
  14. Global warming skeptics.
  15. They think their native tongue is the center of the world
  16. They both hate foreign presence.
  17. Some accuse them of mischaractrizing historical figures. Some accuse them of reinventing history.
  18. Their offshoots have been linked to violence and violent rhetoric.
  19. Both direct their anger at the government.
  20. Both restore to the populist tone.




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