Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breaking News: Mubarak To Resign Tonight?

Everything I am reading from Arabic media and the Egyptian ones confirm that something major will be announced tonight. Right before the fifth million man march that is meant to take place Friday the 11th of February.

The indicators that the old man will be stepping down are very clear, for the first time the Armed Forces committee met under a new leader, not Hosny Mubarak who is technical the commander of the armed forces. It's not sure but we are reading singles that he might be just ready to at least give up his powers.

  1. The head of the ruling party said that Mubarak might be finally listening to the demand of the people.
  2. The speech has been recorded and it seems the president is his way away from Cairo.
  3. The Army tells protesters they will be hearing some god news tonight.
  4. Going to Tahrir square became the cool and trendy thing to do, so people make picnics there.
  5. The director of the CIA just announced that there is a strong indication that President Mubarak might be stepping down tonight.
  6. A minister in the newly formed government resigns his posts
  7. The protester in Tahrir are not letting up, they installed mobile bathrooms yesterday.

The protesters really did this one, they made it hard for him and his supports to defend him staying in power. They were loud and they were proud all the way for 17 days in Tahrir square, Mubarak needs to leave.

It seems that the army finally moved to settle this one once and for all. The people talk and Mubarak finally gets to walk.




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