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Tamer Hosny Loses in an Epic Fail

Tamer Hosny is the number one selling artist in Egypt and many parts of the Arab world, he is a charismatic and resourceful singer that has been dubbed Nigim Al geel "The Star of the Generation" There was a time when I thought Tamer Hosny’s songs come straight from the heart, deep down from the gut, but now I know for fact that Tamer is full of shit and lots of hot air. Tamer Hosny never believed a word of this song. About growing up in Egypt and taking reading classes, building the Aswan dam, waging the 73 war, and so on. He also sings for the armed forces--the same army he dodged and went to jail for forging armed services documents.He is still upbeat and he the the go to guy if you want to party....but when it comes to taking a stand, do not bother for he is a fool.

Throughout his career sang for the revolution and liberating the land of Sinai, but somehow he was against the ongoing revolution in Egypt. Instead he opted to be a mouthpiece for the rotten regime and its corrupt men. I have news for Tamer, the young men in Tahrir square are true Egyptians who do not want to see Egypt who do not want to see their country become the quick to be dismissed nation-which what this current regime has turned it into. Tamer Hosny did not have to speak out on this if he was too afraid, but he has no right as a citizen to tell other citizens what to do. He made a famous phone call urging the protesters to go home and chill.

Something tells me Tamer does not even care about Egypt; all he cares about is his pocket and how much money in his bank account. He tries too hard and succeeds most of the time to get on the news and act like a big pan Arab leader that’s of course when there isn’t a risk to take. But the moment comes and he has to take a stand, he shies away and goes into hiding. But he is often the first person to release a song about current events. But not this time around. He will go down in history as one of the people who tried to slow down the momentum and spoke ill of it. He sang for Palestine, Tunisia, and Fayrouz (during her most recent legal battle) and he also sang for Alexandria Churches.

Realizing his stupidity and that he missed the boat, Tamer tried to play nice and blame the media for his misinformed ill opinions. The young singer made a 360 degree change and came in support of the protesters in Tahrir square. He says, he was misled by the State media. Like we are stupid enough to believe him Tamer also released a song fallen Egyptian men...he is still for Mubarak though for now. He loves his Hosny, maybe because they share a name. No one mislead you Tamer, your demons have mislead you. You could have watched any news network, you would have known the truth, you lazy fool.

But Tamer is smart, he refuses to be buried by his stupid decisions to suck up to the powers, he circulated a press release in which he claims to have paid one million dollar in penalties for canceling his upcoming first ever US and Canada tour. So that says he wants us to know he is also making sacrifices for Egypt. But this is the oldest trick in the book. Tamer lost the youth and there is song, album or a press release that will manage to bring him back. So he is telling poor people that he gave away a million dollar to be poor just like them.

Things however got interesting on Tuesday night when the singer attempted to go to Tahrir square and was kicked out by the protestors, reports confirm that some even wanted to confront him. He did not get to give his speech, and he failed to connect with the protesters. Watch the video of Tamer crying and pretending to be shaken. While people have the right to change their minds, Tamer was out of line to try to hijack the movement from those who bled for it.

Tamer Hosny shohada2 تامر حسني شهداء 25

Tamer Hosny crying after he got kicked out of Tahrir Square because of his earlier live conference at some TV channel declaring his loyalty to Mubarak "Papa Mubarak" as he called him while crying as well. Love him or hate him, Tamer knows how to inject himself into any story.

تامر حسنى يبكي بعد ما الناس طردته من ميدان التحرير

تامر حسنى فى التحرير 2011 Tamer Hosni kicked out from Tahrir Square, cries like a little girl




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