Friday, February 25, 2011

A Stalker, A Saudi, A Nerd, and A Moron

Have you heard of the Saudi young dude who was arrested this week?

He might as well be a terrorist, but I am not sure I have enough information about this guy to condemn him other than of course him being an idiot. He did not realize that being an Arab nerd can come with a hefty cost. If it's true and he is a terrorist, then screw him, look at the millions of Arab youth in Egypt Tunis and Libya, those are the ones we are proud of not this idiot.

He studies chemical engineering, so those purchases do not scare me. Not quite sure what to make of him wanting to take a backpack with him to a nightclub. Maybe like I do at the movie theater, I sneak my favorite snacks....maybe he likes his booze chilled a certain way.

Here, what we know

Aldawsari bought a number of items from that could seemingly be used to develop a weapon. Separately, he allegedly ordered a professional chemistry laboratory equipment set, a soldering iron kit, a stun gun with built-in flashlight, a precision screwdriver set, a Pyrex flask and miniature Christmas lights -- which, according to the FBI, can be used for wiring in IEDs.

Not just yet, he also bid on, and lost, a protective gas mask on eBay but he was successful in bidding on a protective Hazmat suit.

Federal officials say they believe that Aldawsari planned to hide improvised explosive devices inside of realistic looking baby dolls -- researching baby accessories, including strollers, baby clothes and diapers. He also searched on Google for "can u take a backback to nightclub" and "dallas nightclub," which an FBI agent believes indicates that Aldawsari was considering attacking a nightclub.

A search of Aldawsari's e-mail address on Facebook turns up an account under his name, which says he is interested in the Zombie Outbreak Response Unit.

He also seems to have developed an obsession with his language partner in May of 2009 when he wrote that "she was nice and pretty, so I like her so much."

"I am falling in love of her..... She is goregeous that I cann't [sic] forget her just right away... I am asking Allah the great to covert her to Islam and marry me," Aldawsari wrote.

"I have experienced so many hard situations and I won in all of them because I believe there is no impossible in love. You are beautiful that I couldn't believe I lost you for seconds," he wrote in Feb. 2009.

"Every time I touch lovely breeze wind I wounder how I did that and how I could. Shall I have I must I or whatever you could imagined. You are still in my mind caged. I hope we will meet as soon as we will engaged," he continued.

He is a stalker, he is an idiot...about the clubs thing, those Saudi men love their nightclubs, they really do. They love the booze, the ladies and the dance floor and ask any bouncer, they will tell you Saudis give good tips and like to party. Why not, they cannot party in Saudi Arabia and many of them struggle with gay tendencies.

I do not really care for this guy either way, but I just want to make sure he is not a victim of American freaking out at anything out of the mainstream an Arab does. There is also the crazy hair the guy has, no one would take him seriously. Taking care of such messy hair can sure make you late to any commitment you have.
I took some of the langauge from Talking Points Memo website.




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