Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Countries on My Black List

  1. Saudi Arabia for sending its troops to kill protesters in Bahrain, really guys! They spend billions of dollars on weapons, they never fire at anyone but peaceful protesters @ home and in Bahrain. Shame! If anything this Sunni majority country likes to do is to make sure no Shiite walks around with pride. Watch their cowardly action on this video
  2. The clowns in Syria, they are sending arms via ships to bail out the tyrant of Tripoli, and have sent a number of pilots to help bombs the protesters in Libya. They love to point fingers at Israel, but they are willing to kill civilians too. Politically, they have been trying to stop the Arab league from undermining Qaddafi and his agents.
  3. Turkey, this country is a democracy and a Muslim one indeed that till few days ago had the respect of all Arabs and Muslims. As a NATO member, the leaders of this countries who have been granted awards from the tyrant of Tripoli have been defending him and asking others not to interfere. Slowing down the process till their boy Qaddafi gets a grip on the country.
  4. Hamas in Gaza in public, they say they are supporting the protests in Palestine to end the division between Gaza and the West Bank, in realty they are using brutal tactics and beating up protesters using tugs and civilian dressed security officers. Not strange on these guys who have used fire power to stop anyone who dares to defy them.
  5. Italy, China, and Germany for plotting to undermine any effort to put sanctions on the Qaddafi regime, for asking to give him more time as he pounds the protesters, kills civilians and spread lies and fear. Those cheap oil guzzlers will have to pay somehow. China fears what's coming for them as protests might break out there. The hooker guy in Italy wants some sweet oil deals. Germany, doesn't want to pay for anything.


Anonymous said...

Thank you funny guy.
That was hilarious
and informative meanwhile.
Glad you are keeping them honest.
Mahmoud El-Yousseph



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