Friday, March 04, 2011

Meet The Charlie Sheen of Arabia

American comedian actor Charlie Sheen has been making the news all for the wrong reasons. He is been linked to rowdy behavior, prostitutes, drinking and possibly drug activities. You can say, Charlie is on a self destruct mode and somebody needs to save the funny man. Watch his interview here

Giving strange and awkward answers has been a very common thing for Charlie. But dozens of celebrities before him went down that path, while some came back, others have not. Charlie is one of favorite funny actors who seem to have taken his on screen character from Two and Half Men to the real world.

But I am now reminded of another Arab celebrities that has gone down that road and we were able to see a glimpse of such a meltdown. I am speaking of course of the Syria singer George Wassouf. Like Charlie, George started his career as a young man and fame has gotten the best part of him. The Syrian singer who has a large cult following of mostly men who enjoy his unique style of singing. His voice that if anyone had would be a death sentence, George made his career entertains the masses with his deep voice.

As far as I can remember, people have always said interesting things about Wassouf, he has to be drunk in order to person in concerts. He does Coke, he says crazy shit all the time. He likes to party and hangs with the does sound like Two and Half Men to me. Charlie has been hospitalized and the whole 9 yards, but it seems he is just having fun nothing more nothing less.

Wassouf sang in many weddings, in Two and Half Men Charlie attends many of them. Both stars look tired and drowsy during their public appearances. Both are unpredictable and have mode swings. Both know they are terrible actors. Wassouf does not like making music videos, no one would hire Charlie for any movie role. They both have children who are boys.

Few years ago, some odd, random and funny videos have been posted for this Syrian singer doing saying crazy stuff on camera. While it was funny to most of his die hard fans, it was scary to many. Just like Charlie, more people have joined his Twitter account and expressed positive support for the troubled actor since his recent outbursts. For George, he kept on making better albums and entertain his fan base. Jury is still out if Abu Wadeie, or Sultan of Music (George other Nick Names) will be joining Facebook anytime soon

Here are some random videos of the Syrian singer going crazy and doing odd things.

جورج وسوف George Wassouf Green Screen

جورج وسوف George Wassouf Roof




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