Friday, March 25, 2011

One More Reason to be Late to Work

So yesterday morning, as I was opening the office as I tend to do every morning, the full spring is here and the trees are looking awesome. I tun on the lights and open the doors, then I go to the main even room and open the curtains to let the natural light in. And there it was....

an older homeless lady was squatting in front of my eyes, reliving herself right in front of my own eyes and her boyfriend was on the lookout right next to here. Our eyes connected...and she could care less, I wanted to vomit at that moment.

Here is this fancy DC building where ambassadors and even a member of the Obama cabinet lives and there is this poor woman taking one giant dump just outside. She left her stuff behind and I had to look at/think about it all day long. Maybe I should have went late to work, I would not have had to seen that scene.

I feel my senses were ambushed with this scenic.

Sorry people I had to share...




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