Friday, March 11, 2011

The Dog That Loved Me

On my way to work today, just like everything there are many dogs walking in pride with their half sleep owners along the streets of the nation's capital. This morning it was different...the dogs seemed to get crazy when they see me! A lot more crazy than usual.

They start parking and want to run toward me (Thanks goodness for the leashes) I was surprise by this sudden attention and I did not think of it until I noticed the third dog really wanted to come at me. Then I knew I got a problem. Why would these creatures want to come to me? I do not even like them and as far as I can tell I am not in some American jail designated for terrorists.

I was thinking hard, could it be something in my shoe? could it be my fragrances? and then it hit me...I know why!

The dogs love me becasue in my pocket I had a stash of pastrami slices! And unlike the other cold cuts, pastrami has a strong scent, I am guessing the dogs can smell it and therefore they want to come to uncle Hani for a treat. No, that was my lunch not there snack.

there you have it, some people tell you do not drink and drive, I tell you do not store pastrami slices in your coat.




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