Monday, March 14, 2011

Year 2011 When Arabs Are Thinner and Healthier

To be frank, many of my Arab peers can be described as round! And i know every year people make a new year resolution to drop few pounds. If you have not noticed, most your fellow Arabs will look a lot lighter this year. Many have dropped one pound after another and we did not have to go to the gym or cut back on anything. Many look a lot healthier we have one thing to thank for that change.

The Secret, you ask?

The brewing revolutions in the Arab world are to blame for that healthy makeover. We had a month to Watch Tunisia, 19 days to Watch Egypt and Four weeks watching Libya and we are not done yet. Watching the news from Arabia is like a never ending roller coaster ride. We wake up to the news, glued to Aljazeera, and we fall to sleep to the tunes of the various news shows commenting on the situation and the latest development. Many non Arabs like my friend Jeremy have experienced weight loss. Who needs the biggest loser?




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