Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Journalists Make Everything Sexy

Nothing wrong with American journalists writing about the Middle East, some of the finest books about the Middle East have been written by reporters. But now I am not sure that those reporters are the best voices on the conflict. For one reason and one reason only, in their effort to explain complex concepts to average Joe's in the States, those writer simplify the conflicts in the middle East. Thus giving an incomplete image of the conflict in the Middle East, the soundbites and the dummies version.

On another note, they are good writers, they can make anything sound exciting and exotic... and sometimes sensational. I was reading a book about back home and the way they writer (He used to work for the NYT and NPR) wrote the book, it made me think he is talking about some other place. somewhere awesome where I wish I can live. I am sure there are good intentions behind it, but I would rather read a book written by a first person and not someone who stays in a five star hotel and sips a five dollar coffee beverage.

Books written by activist can also be too dark, too sad to the degree you really want to kill yourself and if that' does not happen at least you will feel bad for a really long time. you will feel guilty becasue no one can give you a guilt tour as well an activist can.




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