Wednesday, August 24, 2011

7 Earthquake Etiquettes

When I left my office building, there were no one outside, when I left the office, people started to gather around. Some weren't sure what the protocol was. A guy on the 5th floor yelled asking me if it was an earthquake. Confusion, fear and humor were all over the people's faces.
  1. If the earthquake hits and the first thought on you mind is to update your status, you need to check yourself into rehab.
  2. If you have the time to tweet about the earthquake, chances are it's not serious one.
  3. Yes, it's normal for all people to gather outside buildings when these things happen. Don't act like you are out of place.
  4. Please, put on something decent before you step our of your apartment. While the earthquake was shocking to many, the sight of you half naked is traumatizing to us all.
  5. Don't wait for someone to come to your rescue! You are on your own, dock and cover. Even a big government have limitations.
  6. Ease up on the phone, the network is overwhelming and busy, quit complaining about it already.
  7. Accommodate others, and don't tell horror stories about the time you were in Thailand/Mexico/Chile/Pakistan when that big earthquake arrived.
Bonus: while most people will do their best to grab their pets as they run out the door, cut people some slack for leaving their pets behind.




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