Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jerusalem Is The Home Of The Original Bagel

Sure Jewish people would love to claim the bagel, and yes, some of the finest bagel shops exist in New York and take a center stage in Jewish life in that city. Every culture has something similar to this baked good. I say since Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities of the world, they might have a legitimate claim for what has later become the bagel.

For generation this baked goods has been a fixture in that city's diet, tourists would grab it and eat it. Locals would enjoy them by adding felafel and Thyme dip. Jerusalem is a n open city where Jews and Arabs live next to each other--not for long if Bibi has his way. It has been consumed for generations and thanks to some work of marketing savvy person, this ka'ak was adapted for the American on the go culture.

This video gives you a tour of the city where those vendors back their world famous Ka'ak. They talk to bakers and give you a big of history. Something about Jerusalem, its water, its air make this bagel the treat it is. This is culture exchange at its finest.

هارون عمايرة -كعك القدس "كعك بسمسم " Jerusalem Old City Bagel




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