Monday, August 15, 2011

Justice, The Essence Of Governance Is

In Islamic tradition, there are many voices that calls for establishing an Islamic country where the Koran is the Constitution of the land just like happened in Islam 1400 years ago. Whole a lot more voices counter such calls and instead advocate a civil state with man made laws instead of divine ones. This debate is in full swing in Egypt right now and we are reminded of that every day. Palestine has this argument few years ago, and as of right now it seems both sides have something to boast about.

But what's missing is an old Islamic principles which goes like this, "God would side would a just state that's not Muslim over a Muslim state that is unjust" It's pretty clear that justice not religion is the foundation of good governance. Many Muslims see this point too, they would abandon a Muslim country where justice takes a backseat to countries where justice is the rule not the exception.

To me that says, dogmatic labels and ideology don't matter as much as justice and fairness does. This is also supported by the story of the early Muslims who were sent to live in Ethiopia under a Christina king who was known to be just. My fear is this, some voices in the Islamist movement think it, their way or the highway. This thing scares their opponents who might be religious themselves.

So call it what you want, but if this state yet to be shaped in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia is just, it will last. The moment justice is missing, the social harmony will soon follow.




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