Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Is The Middle East Is Like New York

It's no secret that any news from New York City gets treated as if it was national news. The city has the media outlets and biggest newspapers and blogs so they can afford to be obnoxious about being that awesome city. So the locals are used to thinking that if it happens in NY, their folks in Wyoming would know about it.

Same thing about many Middle Eastern cities. Since many American and world media outlets set considerable budget for their bureaus in the Middle East, and they often send their best reporters to cover than volatile region, you are most likely to get news coming form that part of the world. Media bosses would spend less for places in Asia and Africa, but even the littlest publication, radio network is savvy enough to send someone to cover that region.

The alpha reporter, the always changing middle east and the attention people pay to this region make even the silliest news news worthy here in the States. They report on popular shows, food and what American pop singers being followed. This is both good and bad. Maybe less reporting would prompt politicians to make a deal, the more people tune in the more passionate both sides become. I think this adds to the self centered style of thinking--the diva mindset.

But the ignore approach has not worked either.




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