Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Want Me To Take Your Picture?

This question never gets old!

As I visit a place out here in DC, or take the bus to NY, Philly or the train the Baltimore along with roa, I know I am certain to bring my camera for the journey. But this presents a problems, I do not care to take my pictures alone anymore. I am married now and Roa and I have to be together smiling in pictures--I better smile or else.

But the problem starts you can take so many pictures when you are holding the camera in your hand--I have long arms that help in that. But then the picture angle gets old. So you have to put on a face and ask complete strangers to take your picture. Some people ar enice, some people are indifferent. Some are single and hate seeing couples yet alone take their pictures.

So to do that, we have to profile people, who looks nice enough not to turn down our request, who looks too distracted on the phone and who looks in rush. I have been never turned down, most people are kind enough to take the camera. Sure most of them act like you have just given them the device that will launch the nuclear warhead. I make sure to ask them to take another one and another one just to be safe. It sucks to ask someone to take your picture and figure it was a lousy picture captured by your fancy camera.

And there are those nice people who see you trying to take a picture of yourself with your significant other, they volunteer to take your picture for you. This is what you would cool random acts of kindness. It takes guts to ask complete strangers to if you can do them a favor--people are weird here trust me.

And there are those people you would think they have nice cameras and they wouldn't mind snapping your picture, only to find out they have some mental disorder coming from being under appreciated, I take. Those young hipsters would tell you, "I am a professional photographer" that might be true Tommy, but you go no customer service. OK, I asked you to take my picture not make me look good or remove my red eyes you fool.

Sometimes, I think it would be funny if someone you gave them the camera, runs away with it. I think I would laugh if this happens.




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