Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons From A Friday Prayer Sermon

Three things I learned today by attending the Friday prayer sermon, at George Washington University at Merriam's Kitchen. I have been praying there for some time, and sometimes the sermons are good, sometimes they offer little substance. But today's, was one of the few days that I actually enjoyed and found to be educational.
  1. Humility is Crucial, this matters in all religions for sure, however, here's a quote I heard in Friday sermon that moved me, "A sin followed by humility, is better than a good deed followed by pride" This speaks volumes of people's mentalities. You do one good deed, and you think the world owes you. That's not the spirit. Pride tends to kill the most beautiful things in one's life.
  2. Weakness Is OK, fasting is hard. Muslims giving a number of permissions not to fast if they had some of those conditions. The second Khalif of Islam, Omar (peace be upon him) was told about a man who pledged to fast everyday in his life. Omar took a stick to that man and told him to break his life long voluntary fasting. So no need to be tough and do yourself harm to proof a point. You are creature of God, no need to test the limitations he has given you. That means, I will not try out for that ultra Marathon.
  3. Pure Income, the source of your income is important if you get your money from a questionable source, then that's not good. The quote goes something like this, "Purify your income, your prayers will be answered."
I do not like to talk much about religion in public, I think religion is personal and should stay this way.




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