Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadan In A DC The Weekend

As you know Ramadan is in full swing, today is the 13th day of the holy month and there's nothing better than a fasting day during the weekend. Why you ask?

I can stay up till the hour we begin the fast, eating, hanging out and talking. Last night, I was out with Roa hanging out till 5 AM. It was fun, and exciting. However, if you are not into clubbing, bars and mediocre food, you are out of choices on where to kick it.

We live on U Street, DC's center of night life, but we are not into bar hopping, nor into jumbo pizza slices. All the fine places that sells cakes, crepes, close at 10, 11 the latest.

As we walk in the city streets, young people drunk and on their way to drink their night away walk in droves and block the sidewalks. Packs of young affluent and bored take on the city at night hoping to score. U Street is the center for African American culture as they have theaters, clubs and restaurants that cater to the needs of this demographics. You Get Your Ben Chili Bowl too and those overrated jazz venues.

The only time, I see such a racial mix is on the metro bus, U Street and the Obama rallies.




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