Monday, July 06, 2009

Engagment in Gaza!

Gaza is the world's bromance capital, it is alive and well

Got home last night at 3:30 AM, spening the night on the beach on a local hangout place...I took my nephews ages 13-17 and few freinds, I ran for an hour and then we ordered food...Shawerma wraps picked by my youngest brother Mahmood with all the fixings and a nice assortment of was a fun night. When my dad opend the door for us, I thought he was going to wipe the floor with us for being too late...Keep in mind, I have forgotten that feeling! But he was too kind!

Planning an engagement party in Gaza is like hurding cats, there are too many things to keep on mind and too many people want to "help" We printed 500 invitations, and I think we might end up being short. We have to get the DJ I took care of that...the camera man I am working on that. Need to get me a new shirt and a new shoe...most these things are not getting into the the quality is not up to par.

Went to the Jewellery store and picked golds and nice wedding band....we spend a rather large amount there..way too much, but there is no such thing when you found the rigt one or is there?

Fun thing happend, out of 60 wedding bands for men, the only one I choose is the same one that she chose on her earlier visit...I did not belive it until I saw that she put it aside for me on a nice box.

One challenge is to get the families not to bring their kids to the party...we will bring cakes and few goodies and kids mess things I will work on that one, but it's tough to tell people no kids!

The wedding hall we booked is really nice, we lucked out....the owner of the hall knows my father in law and got us in on a day he saves for emergencies...the first booking was late August..too late to make it! It's sort beach resort that opend in 1996, swimming pools, movie theater, restaurant and other cool makes a great place for wedding. We also need to get the transportion for the patrons!

Finding an all digital Photographers in Gaza is almost impossible, they all use the old rolls, I am meeting a new photographer today!


Mary on July 6, 2009 at 10:02 AM said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures whether it is engagment or wedding Just don't forget to bring them with you and good luck on your trip back.



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