Monday, July 27, 2009

Not That Time

I went to the Rafah borders and tried to get into Egypt, the borders are sealed closed...but sometimes they let people out if they were on the safe side...I was told I was and I was promised that my name is on the good list...the good list lets you into Egypt even though the borders are closed...

The Palestinina men guarding the borders told us to wait for the guy with the hour later we got a hold of the guy with the brother majid spoke to him and name was not on the good list...and whoever told me I am on the list is either ill informed or full of...

I am working on different fronts to get out, one of the ought to flight form Cairo leaves on the 29th, I doubt I will make it, that's less than 48 hours.

there is a chance the borders will reopen in few days, but nothing certain, so I might have to change me ticket....I regers that I might miss on Jehad's wedding...a wedding I have been waiting years to attend...I am sure it will be a great one with the reinds Jehad and Raesah keep.

in the meantime, i will focus on enjoying my time here and trying to be postive...hope all is well




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