Friday, July 03, 2009

Fun at the Courthouse

I went to court yesterday for the engagement certificate and it was a zoo...too many people with problems and judges are bored.

A guy was angery becaseu the officer told him to step aside, he felt insulted...I thought he is full of crap.

A divorced woman arguing with the judge and her husband over alimony payment, the judge tells her to be quite while he listens to her ex! I thought the judge is a moron and the ex a child.

An angery man becasue we saw the judge before him, he was like these guys came after us but got in before us (it was true) we had our case handled by a religous guy who knew his way around and the whole thing took five minutes.

The judge asked my fiance if she agrees on me, but never bothered to ask me! This is something the Hamas government enforced, they have to see and hear the woman if she agrees to the arrangement, before they did not bother!

Most people who were at the court did not smile, all seemed to be angery, bitter or tired...I thought even the married one were like acting as if they were at a funeral!


Mary on July 3, 2009 at 7:56 PM said...

Thanks God finally you made it, you got engaged. Don't forget to bring the pictures of the engagment party with you when you come we would love to see them. Greetings to all.



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