Monday, July 06, 2009

A Party in Gaza

It's hot in Gaza, and the all place with too many fans is the local mosque!

The less healthy a people, the more religous they are....Gaza is oretty unhealthy right now. Pollution is all over the place, once I got there I had some minor skin irritation that never happend to me before, breathing was harder, but now I adjusted.

It's so freaking hard to get a nice pair of shoes, nothing comes in. The oly shoes they have are the crappy ones made in Egypt. I found a pair last night that I thought would be sufficeint for Friday night. If you are tryin to find a nice fragnance, you ar eout of much for 20 bottles I have and pair of Kenneath Cole!

We went shopping for flowers yesterday, Gaza is not the ideal place, but we found good things, paying an arm and a leg of course.

There is a new trend in Gaza where men dress like metrosexuals and at one point I told a guy to get off my face becasue he was too flamboyant with his body shirt and weird tight jeans.

I paid $40 dollars for a shirt and a tie, the smae medicore ones you would be from Marshals for $20.

I found good shades, the same ones you buy for 5 bucks from street vendors, I paild $3.5.

Finding a nice leather belt in Gaza is like finding a safe hangout place in Bagdad in 2005


Mary on July 7, 2009 at 10:34 AM said...

We are glad your engagment party is going smoothee like your wish and you are very excited but take care of your health, take it easy because we know how any one will be excited on his engagment or wedding, doing this, doing that, trying to remember what is missing and so on and by the time the party is over you are exhausted, we know have been there.



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