Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegetarian Muslim Can Also Have the Eid Spirit

I finally figured it out....Vegetarian Muslims now can rejoice, I have figured out the best thing they can kill for the Eid. Muslims kill various animals to remember the story of our father Abraham with his son and the sheep.

Observant vegetarian Muslims won't kill animals of course, but here is something they can do...

Kill a piñ animal shaped piñata will do just fine. and instead of the blood and gore, you get love it and there is no emotional trauma either. See everyone wins, an animal shaped thing gets sacrificed, we can give out the candy to kids, and the vegetarians get to celebrate the Eid just like us all. A piñata is for sure a much better choice than sacrificing a pumpkin or a batch of Tofu.

I am going to try top get a Fatwa on this subject. Happy Eid




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