Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Money vs. Politics

For some reason I began to think about two unrelated matters...the first is political conditions and the second is economical ones.

Back in Gaza and throughout the Middle East we really monitor political conditions and we feel life is influenced by those conditions...on day to day basis politics touches our lives and one can trace most things to the political conditions in the ground. As far as people in affluent countries that can care less about how things are going in North Korea or the Middle East. As far as the majority of the west is concerned those people where they have conflicts are on the moon.

But in most affluent countries like America, people care about economical conditions, they watch it carefully and understand its lingo and its impact on their lives. So this is pretty much the news followed by everyone because they have the resources and have plenty at stake. To the opposite people in the Middle east could care less about those economical conditions and the financial crisis because as far as they can tell it does not affect their livelihood. In other words you cannot really beat a dead horse...people in unstable countries can get by.




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