Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Lovers Ready to Pleasure You!

What is up with those TSA agents?

I know these people are hard working and mean well...but to be frank they have lousy results and they have missed many cues. And now in order to save face, they ask people to give away more rights to make us feel secure.

Well, the TSA is withing their right to ask you to walk through fully body scanners, and they are withing their rights to ask to touch your junk....but for me, I am also not going to fly....I am also not going to give my travel business to the airline industry....

I know Craigslist ride share is one of the best features on this site....I have also taken the AMTRAK and I know it's great...but for real as long as the TSA too much from travelers and as long as we cave in....they won't stop....they just strip searched a little boy in Salt Lake City airport (look up the video)

I know the TSA is not the enemy here, terrorists are. But the reaction of the TSA tells me that those cold blooded killers might just have won this round.

It's a shame this is happening in America.... images of asking to touch people junk and paranoia remind me of some militant dictatorships not flourishing living democracies.

Again I salute those who want to keep us safe, but I resent those overreact.




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