Sunday, November 28, 2010

Touched by History...and You Can Too

So I have been recently thinking that a 100 year is not distant history.....I began to reflect on this as I watched some interviews I did with my grandpa while in Gaza.

Grandpa was born in the early 1920 and he grew up in Palestine. I was born in the 80s and have lived the stories grandpa told me of our history. Now My grandpa has also known people who lived in the 1800s and he was told his stories and his history as well. Those people who lived in the 1800 have known people who lived in the 1700 and have heard their stories....and there is notice there is a chain....we pass history to each every and each one of us has been touched by history. In other word I am just realizing that we all are living history and that's why history never dies.

Weird to me, might be insane to you, but to think about history in those terms, it gives me goose bumps....I am sure you know think about the Founding Fathers and if your grandma dated one of them....she might not know it, but she might have known some people who have known them.




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