Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somewhere in Delaware

For the Eid, I headed with Roa to Delaware, the Nation's first state. What a better idea to spend the Eid shopping tax free?

Roa and I did not disappoint as we checked out two malls and it has been a long time since I paid what the price tag said I should buy, no government asking me to subsides their local mostly failing schools.

We got few things as the Macy's, they can look up your membership with your ID, no need to carry around the Macy's credit card. We also spent time at Rainbow, Roa's new favorite store where she picked half a dozen of things she needed. I thought she only liked them, but they really looked good on her.

We also discovered a local J Penny like store where I picked me a pair of slacks and a nice winter coat that was on SALE (no, this one was on real sale)

And that took us about 3 hours....but before we shopped we had a decent meal at this nice Senegalese family's home. How about a whole roasted lamb killed this morning for the Eid? and to complement it some warm Italian bread!

On our way back, we stopped by Big Lots and picked up few things that I needed (roa doe snot ind this store, but I am in love with it since Provo)

I thought Delaware has rather a strange feel to it, as it's neither small town nor it's a huge metropolitan area. The people of Delaware seem to either be looking toward Philadelphia or Maryland....I got this conclusion by checking out the sport wear stores at the Mall.




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