Sunday, November 07, 2010

Packs of Straight Dudes

I saw 4 guys getting out of a cab tonight in the 18 street, they are all dudes trying to get some chicks from those upscale bars and eateries on 18th st. I mean these guys were well dressed, and ready to party and roll to impress the intoxicated ladies.

This made me wonder, why is it that heterosexual men tend to hang out in packs when they are about to mate?

I mean, you never never see a bunch of gay men walking down the street trying to hunt some dudes for a date? I live not too far from DC's Dupont Circle area and never see packs of gay men walking around.

You really not going to see men tend to be lone wolves smooth and slick in their dating rituals....they do not need packs. Or could it be that if they could assemble a pack, that would also serve as their dating pool. But it does not make any sense because the straight dudes form packs even though they have competing interests.




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