Monday, November 01, 2010

No Package List

I used to only get intimidated at airports around the looks like now, I have to also be intimated at post officer and other parcel shipping companies.

Today it hit me as I was in the post office sending a package to Florida, that I can no longer smirk when the clerk asks me if I had packed hazardous material in it. It really happened and I cannot take it lightly. Otherwise, I might get banned from sending packages...something to replicate the no fly list----but no package list. Yes, that's becasue the UPS plane plot....

The Arabs now will be geting back to the days of the Carvan mules and camels to transport goods!

An Arab Muslim sitting around flightless and package-less is terrible. You can take my flight away, but please leave me with my package.

UPS used to use the line, "What Can the Brown Do for You" brown is also the color of those who sent the packages. Irony So "what Can this brown do for you, UPS?"

BTW, I hate Yemen




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