Thursday, September 01, 2011

Asian Business Owners and Customer Service

One of the downsides of not living in a place like California where a significant Asian population lives is not really knowing much about this accomplished and highly educated community.

As I lived here in the States particularity in DC, I found myself dealing with all sorts of people who come from all corners of the earth. The one group of people that I am having trouble dealing with is the Asian community business owners. I do not mean this to be a cheap shot, it's a real dilemma for me.

For most cases, I have found the business owners who have Asian background (Chinese and Koreans namely) have a different mindset about customers. While most business owners cater to your need and treat you like you will be coming again, I have concluded that Asian business owners treat you as a one time deal. They sort of write you off as a returning customer.

At times, I have been yelled at for no reason, those business owners make me feel like a deaf person. I have been treated like I do not speak English--they think I am Hispanic. Arabs and Hispanics might be hard to tell party for many Asian in America. Not sure if this is some Eastern culture where the business owner is God's designated person on his earth.

Business should not be some mold, and business owners should improvise. So next me if you are at the mall, think twice before going into one of those oriental gifts stores, news stands, dry cleaners, nails saloons, you better use some earplugs. In conclusion, I find it ironic that many American customer service centers are relocating to Asian countries.

I hope I am alone in this...




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