Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will Abbas Fool Palestinians Once More Time?

I was one of the millions of Palestinians who thought wrongful that President Abbas has finally found his voice and decided to say enough is enough. It might be early to say that, but My president has let me and the majority of the people at home down. He talked like he was going to take us into a trip to the moon and instead, he took us to Wendy's.

Reports are coming out that Abbas is now OK with delaying the Security Council vote on Palestine bid to become a state. So he is buying more time, again. But time has never been the problem. Israel has taken all the time in the world 20 years and have delivered nothing of substance that meat the aspiration of the people in Palestine.

For months, President Abbas and leaders of his government and party have been talking like if they were the reincarnation of Saladin, and they put on a good show. People in Palestine and outside bought ate it up. Needless to say I am disappointed, and the size of my disappointment is as big as the size of my expectations.

I have always liked Abbas and thought he has the interest of the people in his mind, but his sudden change of heart tells me he is just using the populist approach to build up his support and rally the troops. He milked the UN bid and gave me and many others that he is a fighter that will stop at nothing until the dream has been realized. I guess I drank the cool aid and now the pitcher is empty.

I thought by his promise to go all the way to Security Council he was showing some leadership, but his mixed messages now once he met With the American and the French Presidents Wednesday night, tells me his is a politician. I do not think he has any more tricks in his bag, this new deadline the French worked where in a year there will be a state is yet another ploy.

Now is the chance to act or no one will take you seriously the next time you are asking for the same thing. Today, the Palestinians have the eyes and the ears of the world, let that be clear. It seems that the world is ushering a new era that will be ruled by the extremists. The Israelis have them running their government now and the Palestinians in the post Abbas era will have their turn and then no one wins.

President Abbas, if your change of heart is true and if you budge on this matter, then you are not a leader. All you need to do is to look behind you and see that no one is following, now you can go back to being a payroll service for cops who protest Israel and teachers who cannot teach their own history.

"When the wicked rules the righteous mourns," put that in your political pipe and smoke on it for a bit.




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