Thursday, September 15, 2011

American Coach To Lead Egyptain National Soccer

Robert "Bob" Bradley, the famed American soccer coach who did wonders with the US soccer team last year is headed toward taking charge of Egypt's National Soccer team. This is the best of two worlds, Bob is a fine coach with a lot of games and tricks in his playbook. I like him and I think he is the right man for the job.

Bob beat Egypt in 2010 in one soccer game, it was a humiliating defeat for the Number 1 soccer team in Africa and Arabia. So you can tell Bob knows a thing or two about Egyptian soccer. Other coaches were considered, some local and some Serbian and a Colombian soccer legend. All are fine names, but I think the money and the set of ideas helped Bob get the job.

Bob was a finalist and his contracts is being reviewed right now. He will be getting 35 K a month for his services. In the world of soccer that's not a lot of money, and the Egyptian national soccer league said they can afford that salary. In addition to bringing his superior coaching skills, Bob will also bring the attention of US sport media to Egypt and its national soccer team.

Bob is a big name in soccer--sure soccer is not a big game itself, but meet me in 10 years form now. I think both Bob and Egypt will benefit form this contract. I am sure if Bob does well, he will be happy. But I hope the people of Egypt are patient enough with this fine coach. It takes time, and according to the Egypt Soccer League, Bob has a lot of fine ideas to bring back this embattled team. In 2009-2010 Egypt was the number 9 soccer team in the world, now they are doing much worse.

Bob can also build up his name again with Egyptian soccer, he no longer coaches the US soccer team, but in Egypt there's so much potential and an amazing area to build a global fame.




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