Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The America That Really Scares Me!

Had those images of police officers come from a different country, America will raise hell. Can some rational person tell me what makes those police officer any different than the Mubarak and the Qaddafi thugs?

Again, I love the police, they are doing a lot of work that no body wants to do, they keep law and order and make life easier for many of us. Sometimes, they put their lives in the line. but somehow this is all missing and this all becomes trivial when those armed officers take on the protesters in New York.

I do not really Understand it, this is a free country, why are they so harsh with those who dare to raise a different opinion? Sure some might be disorderly, but the action of the police is not quite ethical. Macing young women and beating up a camera man.

I do not know if there's a happy medium either, but reach in your heart and tell me, do you feel these people had freedom of speech? Do you think those police officers are right to do what they did against unarmed coffee sipping activists?

I cannot say, it's a proud moment for anybody. My trouble is this, now any dictator or some militant person cause this material to justify their actions. Sure you think you are right and they are wrong, but see it from their side...using that logic the Syrian might be right in their action.

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