Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lupe Fiasco Takes a Bullet For Palestine

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco doesn't play it safe, he speaks up his mind. For rappers that means talking about their "Hood", "Benjamins" and "Bi*ches". Lupe wants none to do with that, his thing is Palestine.

Lupe is a very well informed rapper who knows a thing or two about world affairs. While he knows his managers might not appreciate his tough line on Israel, the fans seem to love his stands on Justice and Palestine.

I have written before about Lupe's activism on Palestine before (here and here), but this time, a brother of my freind was attending his concert with a Palestinian flag. The rapper saw that and asked Sami to come up on the stage with to wave the flag.

Toward the end of the song Lupe took up the flag, and its only right for him to do so as the Palestinians go to the UN asking for a state. Lupe seems to be well versed on the topic and he is talking about the issue. Lupe is the man. I salute him for giving a voice for those who have none.

Lupe Fiasco - Beautiful Lasers Live (Palestine)




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