Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jesus Won't Veto The Palestine UN Bid

The Palestine bid for statehood in the UN is really about justice. For at least 7 years, the leadership of Palestine has done every single thing they have been asked to do. President Abbas went above and beyond--even imprisoning his own people at times to make the Israelis feel safe. Abbas has been there on day one since the negotiation started and he was the guy who singed Oslo.

Abbas risked everything by following orders fro the US and Israel, despite what the Israelis are saying now, they know they know they have a friend in him. However, the American and Israelis have ridden Abbas like a donkey. Now he just had enough and as promised by President Obama who said last year, he wants to see a Palestine join the UN in this time of this year.

chasing the elusive peace with Israel is like chasing the cool side of the pillow, it seems out of reach. Abbas got nothing, Bibi refused to talk to him, and worse the right wing Israeli government has been grabbing more land and yet killing more Palestinians. Violence by Palestinians toward Israelis is at all time low--even in hostile Gaza. Bibi never committed to a Palestinian state--so he is the one that took unilateral moves not the Palestinians.

And those asking the Palestinians for compromise must have just landed on planet earth from outer-space or have just woken up form a coma. Because asking the Palestinians to compromise is like asking a naked guy to reveal more.

It's sickening really. By talking for the same of talking while what you hope to score in those negotiations is shrinking by the day doesn't make for a sound future. Leaders of the world are backing Palestine with the exception for half a dozen--Germany for one. The US will veto if they have to, why because they are looking for their best interest. That's reasonable! But why are they trying to stop the Palestinians from pursing theirs?

We all know that Jesus doesn't have to get reelected. Otherwise, the mighty Jewish lobby would have to crucify him for that offense.

On second thought, I am beginning to think this, the Palestinians are seeking independence form Israel. Yet, something tells me the US is not free from Israel. If the US if free from Israel's pressure, then they would support the Palestine bid at the UN. In other words, the Americans want the Palestinians to be just like them--under the mercy of the governments of Israel.




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