Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rich Lazy Men Hate Poor Lazy Men

As a news junkie and someone who lives in DC--yet along being a Palestinian, interest in politics comes naturally. As such, I have been following those GOP Republican debates for the nominates running in the primary hoping to be the next candidate who will unseat Obama and reclaim the White House.

I stopped at something Newt Gingrich said:
"It is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing,"
This is something I find Republicans tend to agree with. They made it clear they don't like to give others welfare and they certainly hate handouts. I think most sane people agree with that. America gives you an opportunity to prosper, not an opportunity ti kick back and live of the hard work of others.

What I find that almost never get that kind of attention is the lazy rich people with a lot of money who don't have to step outside their front door to get a paycheck coming from interests and earning. I find a lot wrong with that:

  1. Most people should work for their money and be able to keep what they earn, no one is entitled to those money--they are yours to keep.
  2. No one makes it in this world alone, we are connected to one another in more ways that we like to admit. Your company used the roads that Joe's tax money paid for. Your workers are educated becasue Tom paid his property tax.
  3. Islam instructs us against living on interest and not doing a real job. As far as I know no other religion asks of you to dance around hard work.
  4. For these people to make money someone has to lose something. Think about a company that wants to improve their earning so Richie can have his income. They will skimp on products, shrink the product, fire people, cut corners, or game the system and if all fails there is creative accounting.
I do not know how those lazy people who are no different than the other lazy people. Sure one has money and the other has none. But in principle they are all doing the same thing, earning money when they don't put any real work in exchange. Spending your time at cocktail parties, galas, is no different than getting a 500 dollar check in rent subsidy. They are both morally wrong. my point is this: All people have to work for their money, no handouts.




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