Friday, September 23, 2011

My Thoughts On The Abbas' UN Speech

I am listening to the speech by President Abbas deliver this much promised speech and I am happy to report that I found a reasonable man. He sounds a lot wiser, but he also sounds like he has been disappointed in the Israel government.

He pretty much brought out all the skeletons from the closet and debunked all those Israeli arguments and talking points, one by one. He just made the case and highlighted the peaceful intentions. He sounded like a fighter whose going to change the course. Sure, his past actions might have questionable moments.

I liked the part when he asked the assembly if they think the people of Palestine are just an "extra" or "disposable" in the Middle East. It sort of bring it back to the human rights issue. I think the part where he talked about the settlers attacking people with their dogs--should have been left out. We do not want to alienate the dog lovers. I might have added a qualifier there to make the point. He stumbled few times on words, and there was a photo op when he held the UN bid in his hand for everyone to see.

Another moment that surprised me when he mentioned Yasir Arafat Coming to this assembly in 1974, there was a standing ovation for this legendary iconic leader. in General that was well written speech that touched on emotional and real issues like the prisoners in Israeli jails and the refuges scattered around the glob.

Still there might be some backroom deal where we will have to go back to business as usual. However, the UN General Assembly seemed to love, respect and approve the speech. Quoting a famous Palestinians poet about how the people of Palestine are "not going anywhere" was a high point. I think that was the moment when my eye felt watery.

I do not think Abbas is a gifted orator, he has never managed to connect in away that inspires, but his works did just that for him today. Sure, they are words, but words have meaning too.

We really now have to wait and see how this plays out. One thing for sure, Abbas goes home where he will be greeted like a champion, while I think this would be nice, I hope that was not the end goal.




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