Thursday, September 15, 2011

Myths About Palestine's UN Bid For Recognition

  1. This is not a unilateral move, a unilateral move would be if the Palestinians declared the state on their own. There are about 124 countries that support that bid. It takes 2/3 of the UN General Assembly to make this bid a reality. So to call is a unilateral move is bizarre. There are enough votes to secure that bid. Even those holding out are either small islands or countries that would support if their support would make a difference. The UN Secretary General even declared his support tot his bid.
  2. This bid poses a threat to peace. Not sure if you have not noticed, there's no peace and there is no peace process. So the bid cannot be a threat to something that is dead. You really cannot beat that dead horse. No violence, arrogance, and getting away with violations is the true danger to peace. The Palestinian largely have denounced violence. And going to the UN is not like going to Iran asking for weapons. They are wearing suits and asking to join a country club not a terrorist training camp.
  3. Negotiation is the best route for the state. 20 years of negotiations beg to differ with that conclusion. The Palestinians have submitted to the peace process and have seen their land shrink and their condition deteriorate. More talks for the sake of talks and photo opt is not an option. That would be insanity where you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
  4. The Israelis wants to negotiate. that's a farce. You cannot negotiate on a thing that is as we speak being made smaller by the minute. Think about it like if it's a pizza. The Israelis and the Palestinians are negotiation over the cheese pizza who gets to keep what. As the talk goes on, the Israelis are throwing in pepperoni as a topping and the peperoni free portion of the pizza shrinks. Keep on mind Palestinians do not eat that pepperoni. Would you negotiate?
  5. The road to The State of Palestine goes through Jerusalem and Ramallah--as said by Hillary Clinton. The very statement is an insult to the struggle of the Palestinians. One of the outcomes of the negotiation is to resolve the status of Jerusalem--Here Sec. Hillary gives it flat out to Israel.
  6. The Israelis want peace! Neither Bibi nor Lieberman want peace, and they refuse to recognize a Palestinian State. If you think those tow lunatics would grant the people of Palestine a state, then the moon is defiantly made out of cheese. Add to that, Egypt and Turkey have seen their relations with Israel head south due to this childish and selfish policies the current right wing Israeli government subscribes to.
  7. The US will veto, this is not a surprise for anyone. the US will always choose Israel and I am afraid they will realize their mistake when it's too late. I would like to the see the footage of Ambassador Rice saying in the Security Council NO! that video will make millions of views and it will do wonders if used. there's not enough money in the world to erase that picture.




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