Friday, October 21, 2011

An Example Where I'm The Problem: Prayer Line

During the Friday Prayer, as we line up to pray. We are supposed to be all on one line straight line. So the guy to your right and to your left should be shoulder to shoulder. That means your feet also need to be standing straight next to the person next to you.

Now, I have always wondered, why is the line where I stand to my left the line is one level and to my right side, the line is on another level, making the line crooked. I try to fix it by putting my feet on one level, and the other on another to make it look like the line is straight. I thought it was always weird that I someone end up in this crooked line every time.

But then it hit me all of sudden today, I should line myself with the line from my right and not take my cue from the left line. I figured that causes the problem, I should always do what the right does becasue the left side will take their cues form me. They would think I am following the right side, when in fact I am doing what they are doing. So finally I realized the problem, it's not my luck it was me all along who does not choose the right.




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