Friday, October 21, 2011

Jihad For Oil: The Good Terrorist vs. The Bad Ones

When the people of Libya finally overthrew the Qaddafi regime, all you can hear is the same you would hear the "Terrorists" in Afghanistan, Iraq chant. They are calling Jihad and they are saying the regular Chant "Good is Great". If you take that scene and put it in one of those other places, the US would be probably booming those cheering gunmen.

But the US and NATO will not bomb these guys in Libya, they are their friends and in fact NATO has given those Islamists a cover to take on the Qaddafi brand that has been tainted. When they announced the death of Qaddafi, a lot of those fighters were saying, We are coming to Jerusalem to liberate and Palestine. One of the spokesman on Aljazeera has even dedicated this win to Ahmad Yaseen, the late founder of Hamas. Another quoted the late Yasir Arafat.

There are many reports about some of those leaders having ties to Al Qaeda and having lived in Afghanistan. some of them have even been abducted and tortured or sent to be tortured by the US and the UK.

I might be only stating the obvious, but what I think is happening here is this, If your Jihad going to stop one of those powerful countries from acquiring oil or gas, then you are bad and you will be taken out. But if your Jihad doesn't undermine my unlimited apatite for energy, then I will embrace you and call you a freedom fighter.

This is not about principles,. democracy and otherwise, this is about self interest and getting elected. France is milking the Libya thing for all its worth. The UK is settling an old score and the US is talking about their new thing "Leading From Behind". I am happy to see Qaddafi and his regime sent to meet their maker, but skeptical about the next step.

Qaddafi is no longer with us, and there's someone up there to judge him, I look forward to watching the new Libya and hopefully one day we will enjoy seeing it free.

P.S. Remember when the US buried Bin Laden in the sea? They made up thing and based it on some obscure bogus rule about the need to bury the body within 24 hours? Qaddafi has not been buried yet! and some have brought the idea of sea burial for him, but the religious figure opposed it.




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