Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Does The Rich And The Poor Votes?

Elections are about two things handouts and moral issues. I find these are the two things that get people to go vote for or against someone. In Palestine, the PA outs people on the payroll and reminds them, if they don't vote, the money won't be coming anymore. Hamas also does the same thing, but it adds the moral layer. We fear God, unlike those secular out there.

Republicans seem to use the same tactics as Hamas, issues of abortion, the gays and stem cell research bring them together. Such issues bring out the votes. the poor don't vote with their feet, they cannot afford to, so they get super charged on ethical and religious issues. Democrats on the other hands, rally up their base by telling them if you don't vote for me, your social security, welfare, and medicare/medicaid will be in jeopardy.

Same matter in Israel too, you get your right wing groups quoting the Torah and all that jazz. And the Israeli left talking about unions and better individuals rights. The right talks about with, "I am tough to stand to the Palestinians you spineless hippie"

The rich on the other hand care about one thing the most--taxes. Let me keep most of my money. Sure they care about freedom of speech and rights for minorities, but if your policy on tax is vague, they run to the other guy.

Everyone and then, somethings happen that tweak those priorities. Like Bush reelection of 2004--it was about national security and nothing else. In Tunisia for example, they just had an election, they voted for an Islamist group. Why? the guy they kicked out of office and lunched the Arab spring by doing so hated religion and took the whole country down the drain. That would be the anti-incumbent they would refer to every now and then.




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