Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bevan Dufty: Genuinely Confuses Me

There's a candidate running for mayor in the city of San Francisco, he is openly gay. But that's why he is in the news. He is making the news becasue his ad for the mayor featured the candidate and his child having fun on the San Fransisco public transpiration.

I care not to comment on this, until I read the highlighted part where I am really genuinely confused about this whole ordeal. A gay man with a child is not the problem here:

The candidate is Bevan Dufty, one of 16 candidates running for Mayor of San Fransisco next month. If he wins, he’ll be the first openly-gay mayor of the city known for being an important home to the LGBT community and those who advocate for its civil rights.

The child is Sidney, Dufty’s daughter and a source of controversy even in the highly tolerant Bay Area. When Dufty — then a member of the board of supervisors — decided to have her with a lesbian friend with whom he had no romantic attachment back in 2006, a local reporter balked, sparking controversy.

Gay parenting, once a highly controversial subject (it still is in some parts) has seen a rise in support in public polling, just as same-sex marriage has. Even though it’s San Francisco, where strides in LGBT acceptance are somewhat dog bites man, the ad could be the first of what may become a common occurrence on the political stage: A gay candidate running openly as a family man.
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The source of my confusion is this, he is gay and this gay man has a baby with a lesbian woman. So in essence, a gay can have sex with a woman is the purpose is child bearing. I like the part where it says they are not romantically attached. This does not mean anything, really many straight couples are not romantically attached but yet they have babies together.

For all those loud advocates who argue that being gay is natural, comes this guy and undermines the whole argument. He makes being gay as a choice or perhaps he makes child bearing a choice. Again I respect Dufty for wanting children and bringing one to this world, but that doesn't mean I am not confused.

Having said that, it's his every right to have a family and I have no doubt he makes a great father.


Anonymous said...

It's called artificial insemination you idiot.



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