Thursday, October 20, 2011

Israeli Haters Met With An Arab One

It seems today is a day when haters of Palestine and Israel decided to make their presence known. I read tow news items that gave me the creeps:

  1. Israeli settlers offer a 100,000 dollars for anyone who kills on of two freed Palestinian prisoners in the city of Nabuls. This was made on an extremist and violent settlers website with recent pictures of the two freed prisoners and the reward. In their announcement "the money will be given to anyone who applies the laws of Moses and the Torah" Link in Arabic
  2. An Arab businessman saw the joy the freed prisoners to the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims all over the world and he wanted a sequel. Like a good business man he saw an opportunity. He offered to finance the next Israeli solider abduction Link

On other news Wafaa Albis, a Gaza girl--she lives in proximity to my house meets with her family after 7 years spent in Israeli jail. Watch the moment to see how "murders" show real emotions.
اللحظات الأولى بالقاء المحررة "البس" بأمها | Safa.PS




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