Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Wrong With You People? The Qaddafi Story

"What's Wrong With You People?" is what Jon Steward has to say when he saw the gruesome footage of Qaddafi as he was being dragged in the street bleeding and eventually dying. I am sure Jon is not the only one who faults the Libyan mob for the death of Qaddafi. God knows there are Arabs and Muslims who hated the man, but also hated the way he was treated.

Now, the trouble with the Jon Steward comments are huge to me. Here's why, the death of any one is a big deal while we mourn the crazy and bloody ones less, but something is wrong with us if we cheer the death of anyone.

I am sure had footage of the death of Osama Bin Laden and the operation itself been released Jon won't be saying those exact words, he and others feel justified in their actions. I wish we see footage of Anwar Al Waki car after the drones has struck him and sent him to his fate. I am sure all these men have done evil things and have asked for that end.

But no luck, such images will not become public, they classify those videos and even the freedom of the press cannot unlock them. Why? Such images are gruesome too and will give you the creeps. Now Qaddafi's death was filmed using cellphones and other devices, that document the moment of truth. But Jon living in his New York loft will have no problem judgment those man from Mistrata--the very city that Qaddafi promised to raze and bring death and destruction.

I am not happy either about those gruesome images, but Qaddafi wasn't trying to kill me, he has not killed anyone I know or care about. So I defer judgement to those who know him best--his people.




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