Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Media Stunts And Desperate For Attention Leaders

When presidents of otherwise stable country like want to get in the news, they have to come up with stunts or some acts of nature to get their 15 minutes of fame on the world's stage. For the first time, I am reading something the President of Austria. Why did he make the news you may ask?

Heinz Fischer, Austria's President, Jumps With Parachute From Helicopter (video). Still only 500 people watched the video so far. Hugo Chavez had to get cancer to get the world talking about him again.

The issue of media attention is no problem to Arab/Muslim leaders. It can be a gaffe or some idiotic inaccurate statement and then they are all over the news with labels such as "Crazy", "Antisemitic"...make your pick. For for President Abbas he seems not to have a problem having a story about him in the news on daily basis and the same goes for any Israeli politician. Anytime one of these guys farts, the media is all over his A##.

I am thinking this is not always positive. It must be flattering to see your name and image out there being read by everyone on the globe, but again is the life of the people you are meant to lead getting any better by your presence? I hope this questions gets asked more often.




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