Friday, October 14, 2011

Things To Do In DC For The Halloween

There's a tradition in the DC area where most countries embassies on Halloween night give out candy from their respective countries. I want all the college kids and school children take advantage of that. I may try to take advantage of it this year. All the action is on Massachusetts Avenue where the great bulk of embassies are.

The Greek will be given German candy this time around.
How awesome would it be to have a Halloween party at the Greek Embassy. there's no better place in DC for such a fright than this Greek Embassy-Sure the embassy of Afghanistan is runner up . They are scary times for this one awesome country that gave the world democracy and now asking the world for money. The Greek Embassy Haunted House will scare you all the way, they have so many skeletons and zombies in their closets--The Germans are the guest of honors of course.




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