Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Go To Hooters For Their Awesome Wings Defense

You know the famous American invention called Hooters, where short wearing young people serving you fast food (burgers, salads and wings) I am a general fan of chicken wings, I just cannot resist those. I have been to hooters once, and I did not know what hooters was. Here's my story:

I came to the States in August 2000, October 2000 a group of graduate students mostly Arab girls on campus told me they are going to eat. there was only one other guy--he is the guy who leads us in prayer sometimes. I went along, they drove to Hooters on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, and I was shocked.

That was only my second month in the States and here I am at this place with people serving food and revealing much skin. For me, a young Gaza boy, this was a strip club, or so it felt to me--not so much now.

The good was good, it wasn't out of this world and yes the guy who used to lead us in prayer ordered wings. "But they have good chicken wings" he argued. So yesterday, in Chinatown here in DC, I was with a group of people and passed by a Hooters, they also made the case they they go their for the wings!

This reminds me of my friend Don who is a sworn vegetarian and yet still uses that Wings line as an excuse to go visit with Hooters. Maybe he hopes for their salad.

So that got my thinking what outlandish claims I should expect these people to say next:

  1. America went to Afghanistan for their awesome Kabobs
  2. I went to Iran for some of their tasty pistachios
  3. I went to the drug dealer to break a twenty




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