Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Regrets In Gaza

Here is what I regret about this trip to Gaza

-Not bringing my Family guy and Two and a Half Men shows to watch while I am here. I miss good old Stewie.

-Not bringing my digital camera with me to take more pictures of life in Gaza.

-Not brining my workout gloves to use them if I decide to go to the gym

-Forgetting to pack lots of sugar free gum....it is a lot cheaper and better in the States. The tunnels bring in some gum, but it is not good.

-Not Rememebering to bring razors or blades to use, Gaza has crappy ones and they are a lot a lot more pricey than the States.

-Not Brining a Hard disck to save all my vidoes, I took plenty of good ones on this trip...including two doneckys running down the road.

-More Floss and good mouth wash, Israel does not allow those.

-Biggest regret not brining Splenda...cannot find it...my life is miserable!

-The good news, I am still alive and well in Gaza wiating to get back


Mary on August 11, 2009 at 1:34 PM said...

Don't even think of regreting because what ever is happening to you right now is God's will and we all know God works in mysterious way, when every thing is over you will think about the mistakes you did so you don't do them again on your next trip.



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