Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Still Time to Kick it Around is the website for the local Gaza government where the name of travelers will be published. my name should come out today anytime now to travel tommrow along with hundreds of Palestinians who hold forgien travel documents. In agreemnet with the Egyptians, they added an extra travel day for people under those category. I got my name on the list on the first day they opened the list.

Had this list not been made avialble, the only time I would get out of Gaza is late August at best case. I am hoping to be able to leave tommroe in time to catch my flight from Cairo to Dulles airport.

I did go to the government complex today, yes the one that Israeli bombed the shiz out of, and talked to a genteleman whose only answer is to look on the web. As a student of administration, I loved the idea where citizens canget things done from home.

So if my name comes out today, I would head to Gaza, pick my ticket, and ride on the bus on the time and place mentioned and wait to get to the Palestinian side and then take us to the Egyptian side who can send me away or can let me into their country or even deport me to the airport....I have to wait to see...
I miss you guys


Mary on August 5, 2009 at 1:59 PM said...

What a trip, will never be forgotten anyway, good luck for your way back.



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