Saturday, July 03, 2010

Arabic Food Insecurities

People are fun, parties are also fun people who over share stories about themselves at parties are priceless.

Roa and I met a girl at this part, let's call her Jane....

Jane is a great Palestinian girl, but she is also all American, blonde....she told us that she loves Arabic food, she can make some Arabic dishes too, but she said she never make them for Arabs....she never dares to she says. "When I make Arabic food for Arabs," "They are often critical of my skills", "For my other friends, I make them anything close to Arabic food and they are in cloud 9"

I thought about what Jane said, and I thought she is telling the truth about us and our insecurities....we hate to be seen as less than perfect in the eyes of people, or we maybe hate to deal with feedback or even people joking about our skills. Jane is not alone, I find myself often putting down certain skills of mine in order to lower the expectations of others.

So Jane makes plenty of Arabic food, but once an Arab asks her to taste her food, she says she does not know how to.




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