Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Theroy

Yesterday, I was shopping for a couch as Roa decided we need one, as we passed a large number of stores that sell furniture in the Districts, I came up with a conclusion....

Think about this....and comment to let me know what you think

"The higher the number of mattress outlets in a residential area, the higher the crime rate in that part of town"

If the demand on Mattress is great then the supply has to live up to that. In one urban area that means:
  1. People move around from this part very quickly as new renters move in which would require them to purchase new mattresses.
  2. Renters are often evacuated and the first thing the landlord throws out of the renters place the mattress (I have seen that many times in my Columbia Heights.) Being broke leads to crime.
  3. Home side happens to many people while they are sleep, and do not forget the break ins where violence and struggle happens near the mattress.
  4. Prostitution, Prostitution, and drugs (all crimes). Statistics say 1 in 20 DC residence have HIV, it would make sense to change the mattress.
  5. Mattress stores need space, a lot more space than retailers can afford, shady parts of town have can offer you larger space for a lot less than the safe areas




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